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Organic Old Fashioned Cornmeal Coarse – Non-GMO, Whole Grain, Vegan, Kosher, Bulk Yellow Milled Maize, Great for Baking Cornbread, Pancakes, and Tortillas. Made in USA

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Cornmeal is a staple food in many cuisines around the world due to its versatile uses and a great nutritional profile. Food to Live Organic Old Fashioned Cornmeal is made in a traditional way - by crushing whole grain corn between millstones into a fine texture.

Is Cornmeal the same thing as Corn flour, Corn Grits, and Polenta?

The answer is no. All these corn products differ in texture and uses. Cornmeal for example, is grainy while corn flour is very fine (powdery). Corn grits on the other hand are prepared in a very specific way: they undergo a special treatment with an alkaline solution which makes them softer. Whereas, Polenta is actually the name of the dish, however, its name stuck with coarse and medium-coarse cornmeal.

Culinary Uses of Organic Old Fashioned Yellow Cornmeal

The taste of cornmeal is slightly sweet, and very similar to corn. The uses of this product are extremely diverse. It's a key ingredient of yellow buttery cornbread and Polenta - a traditional dish in Italian cuisine. Besides, you can use Organic Old Fashioned Stone Ground Cornmeal as a crunchy coating for frying or baking meat, fish, and vegetables. Moreover, you can even use it for morning porridge. Try substituting all-purpose flour with Food to Live Organic Fine Cornmeal and your usual pastry recipes will gain a new interesting flavor. You can try replacing it in 1:1 proportion or just partially and see if you like it.

Nutrition Facts

Organic Yellow Cornmeal is rich in protein and fiber, therefore, can keep you filled for a while. This product is also a powerhouse of essential nutrients like Magnesium, Thiamin, Iron, Phosphorus, and Selenium. Being low in fat and cholesterol-free, cornmeal can serve as a base of practically any diet.


Keep Organic Stone Ground Cornmeal in a moisture-proof container in a cool dry place.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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