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Organic Whole Psyllium Seeds - Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Keto Friendly, Raw, Bulk, Rich in Iron, Natural Food Thickener - by Food to Live

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Use Organic Psyllium Seeds if you want to add more fiber to your diet with no effort at all. A single teaspoon of psyllium contains about 3 grams of soluble fiber. This essential macronutrient helps improve digestion and benefits wellbeing on many levels.
Organic Whole Psyllium Seeds come from a plant Plantago Ovata that grows naturally in many parts of the world. In fact, you might be eating some psyllium already, and not even know it. Mucilage derived from psyllium is often used in the food industry. It's a much more effective natural food thickener than cornstarch. A common example of psyllium usage is its presence in breakfast cereal.
But of course, eating Organic Psyllium Seeds directly is a more natural way to enrich your meals with soluble fiber. You can consume as little as a teaspoon per day and already feel the benefits. Note that psyllium improves regularity. It also absorbs water and turns gelatinous quickly. This is exactly how it forms the soft bulk inside your intestines and absorbs toxins. With that in mind, when taking Organic Whole Psyllium Seeds in any form, it's imperative to drink more water than usual.
How to Eat and Store Organic Psyllium Seeds
You can get Organic Psyllium Seeds in bulk because they store well for months and don't have any special requirements. Simply keep them in an airtight container in a cupboard or pantry. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.
The flavor of Organic Whole Psyllium Seeds is hard to describe; some people dislike it, while others are indifferent. Regardless of what your personal opinion on the taste is, you can easily cover it with other ingredients. The best way to take your psyllium is to add it to a bowl of morning oatmeal or yogurt. The flavor can be overpowered by fruits and honey.
WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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