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Carrot Powder - Ground Raw Dried Roots, Vegan, Bulk, Great for Baking, Juices, Smoothies, Shakes, and Instant Breakfast Drinks. Good Source of Dietary Fiber, Potassium, and Vitamin A

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Food to Live Carrot Powder is a handy form of carrot root, a vegetable that is well known all over the world. In contrast to Carrot Juice Powder, our Powder is created by milling entire dehydrated carrots, while keeping its essential nutrients. Considering the ease of use of this product, you definitely won't regret getting Carrot Powder bulk.

Culinary Uses

Carrot Powder tastes a bit sweet (just like fresh carrots), and perfectly complements both savory dishes and desserts. One medium-sized fresh carrot makes one tablespoon of Carrot Powder. The easiest way to benefit from this product is to use Carrot Powder for smoothies or drinks. However, you can also add it to soups, stews, pasta, and meat dishes. Powdered Carrots will also boost the nutritional value of your baked goodies. You can mix this powder into your dough for muffins, cakes, or cookies. However, due to the high beta-carotene content, you should not consume Carrot Powder on a daily basis. A good amount for an adult is 1/2 teaspoon per day, however don't forget to take breaks from eating it.

Nutritional Value

Dry Carrot Powder is a great product for those who follow a plant-based diet since just 1 ounce of Pure Carrot Powder contains 7g of dietary fiber and 2g of protein. Besides, this Powder is rich in Vitamin C and K, and essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Iron.


If you consider getting bulk Carrot Powder bags, please, keep in mind that this product is sensitive to humidity, hence, should be kept in air-tight containers, in a cool dry place.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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