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Fine Himalayan Pink Salt — Rich in Minerals, Kosher - by Food to Live

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Himalayan Pink Salt is pure and free from any contaminants. This product possesses aroma and sweet and salty taste.

It is extracted by hand, without the use of explosives, then dried in the sun. Iron oxide gives the product a characteristic reddish-pink hue. It can be of different size and structure - from fine-grained, crumbly to coarse.

Himalayan Pink Salt has become popular due to its unique composition, which is radically different from other salts. First of all, it is the content of sodium chloride: in table salt - up to 98%, in Himalayan - 15 - 20%. Due to the low content of substances, water does not linger in the body, and salt deposits are not formed.

The composition of the Himalayan pink salt includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. In addition, it contains phosphorus, boron and chromium, fluorine and iodine, manganese and molybdenum, selenium and zinc.

You can use Himalayan Pink Salt in various ways:

1. Drink a salt solution inside to saturate the body with useful substances.

2. Take salt baths to relieve fatigue and elevate mood. Adding to the salt of vegetable oil or a mixture of oils contributes to the nutrition of the skin, and essential oils will present the stunning aromas of nature.

3. Replace table salt in cooking

Safe daily intake - one full teaspoon of salt per day.

Do not eat the Himalayan salt in its pure form due to the content of sodium chloride. Safe daily intake - one full teaspoon of salt per day.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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