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Organic Beans & Seeds in a Gift Box — White Quinoa, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Black Beans, French Green Lentils - by Food to Live

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Organic Beans & Seeds - Gift Box by Food to Live includes 5 bags:

- Organic White Quinoa - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Bolivia.

- Organic Chinese Hemp Seeds - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: China.

- Organic Chia Seeds - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Paraguay.

- Organic Black Beans - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Argentina, China, Mexico.

- Organic French Green Lentils - 8 Ounces. Country of Origin: Canada.

Main Organic White Quinoa benefits come from the high nutritional value of these seeds. Quinoa cereal gives you a boost of nutrients. You can enjoy this food in many ways, quinoa salad and soup are both delicious, but you can mix almost anything with the cooked seeds.
Organic Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritional foods. They are exceptionally rich in essential minerals. The delicious nutty flavor of the seeds makes them a great addition to baked goods and salads. You can also blend them with other ingredients to create great dips and sauces or use them in marinades.
Organic Chia seeds are extremely nutritious and generally great for you. The Seeds are a fantastic culinary ingredient that you can enjoy in many ways. The easiest one is to add them to your smoothie. Other popular recipes include salads, cereal, and stir-fries.
Organic Black Turtle Beans give you a huge nutritional boost. They are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Black beans are the most popular in Latin America and India, where frijoles negros and maa ki daal are national dishes. In the US people love to use them in brownies, salsa, burgers, hummus, and dips.
Organic French Green Lentils are packed with nutrients by default, but lentils stand out even among this extraordinary food group because of their high levels of: B vitamins Phosphorus Zinc Potassium Iron. They are very good for salads.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


Food to Live was created to give people easy access to delicious and wholesome foods.

We offer a wide range of organic and raw foods that would be a great addition to any diet.

We choose products that can positively impact the body, such as dried fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, powders, flours, spices, and legumes.

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