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Organic Beet Root Powder — Non-GMO, Raw, Kosher, 100% Pure, Vegan Superfood, Bulk, Rich in Iron and Fiber - by Food to Live

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Food to Live Organic Beetroot powder brings you the benefits of beetroot in a convenient form. The subtle taste of the powder makes it easy to include it in many different meals. And it will add rich reddish color to every dish.

Red beet powder contains multiple nutrients, including vitamin C, B vitamins, and iron. It also has a reasonably high content of fiber and protein. Unlike beetroot juice powder, powder made from dehydrated and pulverized vegetables goes through fewer processing steps. Therefore, its nutrient content is higher.

Ideas for Beetroot Powder Uses in the Kitchen

You can use Organic Beetroot powder in many dishes, both sweet and savory. Its natural flavor is rather mild and earthy. It's also moderately sweet. In cooking, it will be easily masked by spices, fresh vegetables and sweet fruits. It's easily neutralized by cocoa, so red beet powder is a great ingredient for baking chocolate muffins and cakes. In fact, it's an excellent food coloring for red velvet baked goodies.

You can get beetroot powder bulk, because it keeps for months if you ensure it stays dry and away from sunlight. Finding uses for it in your cooking will be easy because you can use this powder when making soups and sauces. Add it to smoothies and even homemade ice cream to give the dishes color as well as nutritional boost.

This ingredient will go extremely well in hummus and various vegetable dips.

You should try making pancakes with this powder to start your day with sweet red-purple goodness.

Beetroot powder Dosage & Details

The maximum beetroot powder dosage per day is 5 grams. However, be advised that people suffering from kidney problems should avoid this product and beetroots, in general.

When cooking, you should keep in mind that one teaspoon of the powder roughly equals one whole red beet.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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