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Organic Brown Basmati Rice - Raw, Non-GMO, Kosher, Bulk – by Food to Live

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Rice is the primary grain in many Asian countries, and it's extremely popular in the rest of the world as well because it's both delicious and hugely beneficial to one's health. Brown Basmati Rice from Food To Live is the premier example of all the best this food can offer. Not only is it brown, which means it's been processed to the barest minimum and retains most of the nutritional value. The fact that it's basmati implies that this rice has a distinctive aroma associated with the unique chemical makeup of this particular species and a higher content of some elements, including dietary fiber.

Is Brown Basmati Rice Healthy

Health benefits of rice are so numerous it's considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. The reasons for this are straightforward; it's packed with valuable nutrients that can be hardly obtained from regular diet, selenium in particular.

The overall chemical formula of brown basmati rice benefits every system in your body, especially the cardiovascular one. Research indicates that people who eat brown rice regularly have lower levels of cholesterol and fewer cases of hypertension. This food has also proven beneficial for postmenopausal women, whose overall health seemed to improve with the introduction of this product into their daily diet.

Even your dog would benefit from eating brown basmati rice. You can share your favorite dishes with your furry friend and feel secure in the knowledge that you are strengthening their body with the meal. Please note that both humans and animals can be allergic to rice, so one has to b careful when trying the grain for the first time.

Rice is also one of the gluten-free grains, so it's safe to eat for everyone with the sensitivity to this element. You can also use brown rice flour, pasta, and noodles as alternatives to wheat and other varieties that contain gluten.

Brown Basmati Rice Nutrition Data

Organic Brown Basmati Rice from Food To Live is extremely rich in valuable vitamins and minerals. As it's barely milled, it retains all the nutrients contained in the bran, which is the primary place of vitamin storage.

This beautiful grain gives you a boost of:

* Vitamin E
* B vitamins
* Manganese
* Selenium
* Phosphorus
* Magnesium
* Copper

There is no maximum dose of brown basmati rice you should take per day, but the common portion when cooking is ¼ cup per person.

Brown Basmati Rice: Recipes, Uses, and Storage Tips

The best thing about this product is its extreme versatility as you can make a great number of dishes with this grain. They range from regular brown rice cereal to basmati brown rice syrup, tea, and even tortillas.

Primarily, you can use it in any recipe involving a grain, and cooked rice goes well with anything.

You definitely should try cooking Food To Live Organic Brown Basmati Rice Indian style. It's very easy to do, you just follow your regular rice-cooking recipe and add lots of spices. The mix of cinnamon, cumin seeds, cardamom, and cloves works best.

Store brown basmati rice in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry environment.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. More information


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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