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Organic Brown Speckled Peas — Whole, Non-GMO, Sprouting Seeds, Kosher, Raw, Dried, Vegan, Bulk, Product of Canada - by Food to Live

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Organic Brown Pea sprouts - a product of low-calorie content, it contains a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates, and little fat. For this reason, this is a real find for people on a diet.

The product contains a variety of beneficial vitamins, trace elements, and nutrients. Organic Brown Pea sprouts are good for people who have refused animal food, as it fills all the necessary elements for the human body, especially protein. All legumes are rich in protein, but in the seedlings of these cultures, all the trace elements are doubled.

The basis of Organic Brown Pea sprouts are the following macro-and microelements: calcium; potassium; magnesium; phosphorus; iron; manganese; zinc; selenium.

This product also contains components of group B, A, C, E, K, and D.

Due to its rich composition, Organic Brown Pea sprouts are very popular.

How to Eat

It is necessary to include pea sprouts in your diet little by little. You need to consume a teaspoon of the product for the first week. Then increase the serving size to 1 tablespoon. After a month of application of pea sprouts, you can consume an ounce of the product. For 2-3 months, you can increase the portion to 2 ounces per day.

You can add Pea sprouts in cooking in a variety of ways - they can be added to salads and smoothies after a short treatment in boiling water, stewed with vegetable and meat stews, added to soup, ground into flour and made into various vegetarian pastes and pie fillings.

How to Sprout

Sprouting Organic Brown Peas is a simple procedure that everyone can handle.

1. You need to pick the beans and rinse thoroughly 2-3 times.
2. Pour the grain with clean water (it should be at least 1.5 times the amount of peas) at room temperature, cover it tightly with a lid for air penetration.
3. After 10-12 hours, drain the water, rinse the beans thoroughly, and spread on damp cotton cloth or cheesecloth in several layers.
4. The next 3 days make sure that the peas are not dry. If necessary, sprinkle with water.
5. For 3-4 days should appear the first shoots.

You need to store the sprouts in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container no more than 5 days. Before use, it is recommended to blanch the product.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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