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Organic Dried Cranberries — Non-GMO, Kosher, Unsulfured, Bulk - by Food to Live

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Dried cranberries are one of the best and healthiest snacks you can find. Most importantly, even when dried, cranberries retain an outstanding amount of nutrients. In fact, they are the most antioxidant-rich snack of this kind.
Organic Dried Cranberries from Food To Live are completely free from any toxic additives, preservatives, pesticides, nitrates, and other potentially dangerous elements.
The majority of dried cranberries are coated in syrup to improve their natural taste, which is rather tart and sometimes bitter.
All the most important benefits of organic dried cranberries come from antioxidants.
Dried Cranberries Nutrition Data
These dried cranberries provide you with varied amounts of:
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin K
- B vitamins
- Calcium
- Iron
- Potassium
If you are a vegetarian or vegan, consider dried cranberries for a possible source of extra iron. This fruit contains both vitamin C and iron.
Uses of Dried Cranberries
Dried cranberries are a culinary ingredient that will help you produce a variety of great dishes. Unlike many other dry fruits, these berries are extremely versatile in their uses. You just need to use your imagination and experiment adding them to various recipes.
Organic Dried Cranberries are good for making: Salads, Smoothies, Sauces, Juice, Trail mixes, Oatmeal, Desserts.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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