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Organic Fennel Seeds - Whole, Non-GMO Spice, Non-Irradiated, Vegan, Dry, Bulk, High in Dietary Fiber - by Food to Live

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What are Organic Fennel Seeds?

Organic fennel seeds are the seeds of the flowering plant that is cultivated by people from ancient times. Throughout time, this plant people use in cooking as well as in medicine. All of this plant's parts are edible. The seeds, in particular, are popular as a seasoning.

How to Use Fennel Seeds?

Dried organic fennel seeds have a slightly spicy flavor and sweet aroma. You'll find this spice mainly in Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Fennel goes exceptionally well with salmon, perch, sardine, and meat.

Before adding raw organic fennel seeds to a dish, they are often roasted in a skillet without oil. This heat treatment enhances the aroma and enhances the taste better. In India, toasted fennel seeds, many use these seeds to freshen breath. They not only eliminate bad breath but also have a beneficial effect on the digestive process.

NutritionValue and Health Benefits Fennel Seeds

Fennel contains a considerable amount of essential oils and fatty oils. Its seeds contain vitamin C and vitamins B, E, K, as well as carotene, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. People use fennel seeds for cooking sauces as well as a spice to add flavor to other dishes. Decorate hamburgers, pies, and other baked goods with whole organic fennel seeds. You can also add this product to alcoholic beverages to make their taste more intense and tarter. A fennel tea stimulates digestion, but if you just chew the seeds, you'll tame your appetite.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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