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Organic Italian Pearled Farro - Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, Grain in Bulk, Good Source of Fiber - by Food to Live

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Italian Organic Pearled Farro is a grain our ancestors have been enjoying for millennia. It's been most popular in and around Italy because that's the land of origin for Farro grain. Don't need to fly to Italy now; it's available online to everyone who wants to make delicious and nutritious side dishes.

Italian Pearled Farro is a type of wheat; it does contain gluten. It also has a higher level of protein than rice; therefore, it can complement any meal plan as long as you don't need your grains to be gluten-free.

Organic pearled farro is much easier to digest since its bran removed; this also cuts down the cooking time. You don't have to pre-soak farro, just cook it on the stove or in a pressure-cooker using 1:3 ratio of grain and water. If you wish to get more out of this grain and reduce your cooking time, let Italian farro soak for at least 30 minutes before cooking..

Many Ways to Enjoy Italian Organic Pearled Farro

In essence, you can use organic pearled farro to substitute any grain in recipes. Try cooking pilaf with it, and you are sure to fall in love with the taste. Pearled farro grain has a buttery and mildly-nutty flavor. It can transform your traditional recipes for sides giving the dishes new levels of character.

Italian pearled farro will taste amazing with stews and curries. The grain soaks up the flavors of seasonings, which means you should enjoy experimenting with your spices.

You can use organic Italian farro in sweet dishes as well. Make some porridge with it and serve it with fresh or dried fruits and a drizzle of honey. Due to its natural flavor, farro can complement nuts in a recipe, so try adding it to salads.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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