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Organic Whole Bay Leaves - Non-GMO, Dried, Kosher, Vegan, Bulk, Great for Cooking, Spicing and Seasoning

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Whether it's a stew or a soup, it's going to taste better if you add Organic Whole Bay Leaves while cooking. This herb has been beloved by cooks from many countries for thousands of years. It's even more popular today when everyone can buy Organic Bay Leaf and enjoy it easily.

Organic Dried Bay Leaf has a deliciously rich herbal aroma and a flavor that reminds a bit of oregano with traces of mint and yet is unique. One thing for sure, the taste of bay laurel leaves can benefit a significant number of savory dishes. This herb is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine for a reason.

Organic Whole Bay Leaves Uses and Storage Instructions

Organic bay leaf is a spice that works best with soups and stews. As it's cooking in the broth, the flavor has time to unravel and infuse the dish, bringing out and complimenting other ingredients' flavors.

The leaves go very well with meat and fish so that you can add them to marinades. You can also use bay leaves for cooking risotto, pilaf, and other similar dishes.
But remember to take out the leaves when you are done cooking. This herb stores for years. The most important thing is to limit its exposure to air. It will prevent the aroma from fading out.

When you buy organic bay leaf in bulk, split the leaves into several small packages and store them in the fridge or a dark and cool cupboard. Packets or containers must be airtight. In the refrigerator, bay leaves can last for years without losing any of the aroma and flavor.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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