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Organic Yacon Root Powder — Non-GMO, 100% Pure, Finely Ground Peruvian Tuber, Natural Low Glycemic Sweetener, Raw, Vegan, Kosher, Bulk. High in Inulin. Great for Drinks and Baking

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Organic Yacon Powder is a superfood that comes from South America. Loved for its sweetness and taste, the root of this plant is similar to apples. However, it has a bit of a different flavor. It's more similar to sweet potato, but its sweetness is the most important thing. Therefore, the product has become popular as a natural sweetener. Unlike sugar, Organic Yacon Root Powder has a low glycemic index. Moreover, it only has about half the calories of regular sugar. Hence, by adding powdered yacon root to your tea or smoothies, you get to cut your calorie intake without sacrificing the sweetness. Please remember not to overindulge in this natural sweetener. It would be best if you didn't eat more of it than you would sugar. A few teaspoons a day should be your limit.

Organic Yacon Powder: How to Use and Store

If you use Organic Yacon Root Powder as a natural sweetener, you can substitute sugar with it. It means you can add it to beverages, baked goods, smoothies, and other recipes. However, note that powdered yacon root has a texture similar to flour. Therefore, it will have a thickening effect on drinks and will change their color a bit. It also has that mild taste of tubers like sweet potato. Therefore, it will somewhat affect the flavor of your dishes. When using Organic Yacon Powder for baking, you need to account that it doesn't have the same chemical properties as sugar. Therefore, you might need to add some other ingredients to help the dough rise. The product will also lose some of its sweetness due to the heat of the oven. Always store Organic Raw Yacon Powder in an airtight container. You can keep it in the pantry or the fridge. But the most important thing is to keep it dry at all times.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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