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Pine Nuts — Non-GMO Verified, Pignolias, Bulk, Kosher, Raw, Unsalted - by Food to Live

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Pine nuts, also known as pignoli, pinon, or chilgoza, are delicious, crunchy, sweet, and exceptionally good for you. In fact, they are considered to be the healthiest kind of nuts. The fact that they possess rich buttery flavor makes them a great addition to any dish, be it a salad, sauce, or dessert. The vast majority of pine trees that produce these nuts grow in taiga forests of Siberia and Canada. Chilgoza pine nuts come from the variety of the same tree that grows mostly in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Health Benefits

To say that this kind of nut is nutritious would be an understatement. They contain so many essential vitamins and minerals that they can be counted as a superfood among nuts. Please note that such a tremendous nutritional value comes with a price. 100 grams of dry pine nuts contain 673 calories. You need to take this into account when you plan your daily meals to keep your diet well-balanced.

Benefits of pine nuts include but aren't limited to:

* Circulatory system support.
The vast majority of calories in pine nuts come from "good" unsaturated fats that lower the level of LDL "bad" cholesterol. These elements help maintain your vessels in good shape, cleanse your body of 'bad' fats, and thereby strengthen your cardiovascular system as a whole.
* Antioxidant protection from free radical damage.
Pine nuts are an extremely potent antioxidant. They contain significant amounts of vitamin E (62% of the recommended daily amount in 100 g), which is directly responsible for protection against free radicals and supporting the integrity of cell membranes. In simple terms, eating these nuts improves your general well-being and strengthens your body's natural defenses.
* Gluten-free fiber source.
Pine nuts safe for people with gluten sensitivity and those who simply want to avoid this protein. If you decide to pursue gluten-free diet to improve your general health and manage weight, this particular ingredient will be a good addition to your daily meals. The nuts contain lots of dietary fiber and essential nutrients, which are essential for achieving your goals.
* Appetite suppression.
Pinoleic acid is one of the essential omega six fatty acids that pine nuts have in abundance. It boosts the production of elements that suppress the feeling of hunger. Therefore, they make a great snack for a weight management meal plan. This also makes pine nuts a perfect snack for hikers who spend extended periods of time out in the wilderness.
* Bones strength promotion.
Among all the minerals pine nuts provide your body with, calcium and manganese are essential for bone strength and integrity. Eating these nuts gives a boost to your skeleton. It would become more beneficial as the years go by, because human bones become more brittle with age.



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