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Whole Black Pepper — Non-GMO Verified, Peppercorn, Kosher, Raw - by Food to Live

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Whole black peppercorns have been used by people for thousands of years and become an essential spice for many of the world's cuisines. It is used in a great variety of dishes and can make almost anything taste much better.

However, few people know that this spice also helps their health. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and some of the recipes of black pepper based treatments are popular even today.

Health Benefits

As any organic spice, whole black pepper offers quite a few important health benefits. Simply adding it to your food has little effect as the amount of the essential nutrients your body gets this way is small. However, you can use it as a remedy in some cases.
The most important health benefits offered by this spice are:

* Disease prevention.
Whole black peppercorns contain a lot of chemical compounds that help in preventing various diseases. Their anti-inflammatory properties help not only protect but also fight these problems when they occur.
* Promoting enzyme production.
Black pepper has the strongest positive effect on your digestive system. One of its benefits in promoting the production of enzymes that ease digestion and increase the absorption rate of essential nutrients.
* Treating flatulence.
As a digestive aid, remedies based on this spice help treat flatulence, stomachache, and other conditions that affect your gastrointestinal tract.
* Controlling blood pressure.
Note that this effect isn't as strong as the amount of black pepper you consume with food is very little. However, the spice is rich in potassium, which can help in controlling your heart rate and normalizing blood pressure. All in all, this spice is safe for people who suffer from hypertension.

Eating large amounts of spices is dangerous, no matter how many good essential nutrients they can provide you with. However, adding black pepper to your food little by little will help you meet your daily norm of vitamins and minerals.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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