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Whole Wheat Flour— Non-GMO Verified, All-Purpose, Stone Ground, Milled from Whole Grains, Unbleached, Vegan, Kosher, Bulk, Great for Bread, Cooking, Baking

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Using Whole Wheat Flour is an easy way to make your bread and other baked goods more delicious and nutritious. It is made by grinding the entire wheat, so it contains all the nutrients from bran, germ, and endosperm. Thus, stone-ground Whole Wheat Flour can enrich your baked goods with B vitamins, selenium, iron, and other essential minerals.

Whole Wheat Bread Flour contains gluten and might not be a product suitable for everyone. Please consider your dietary requirements before using it.

Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour has a rich nutty flavor, which will transfer to any baked goods you make with it. Therefore, you can use it to spice up the taste of your favorite breads and pastries.

How to Use Whole Wheat Flour for Baking Delicious Bread

White Whole Wheat Flour differs greatly from all-purpose flour. All-purpose flour is made from a combination of soft and hard wheat that's processed in order to achieve its white color. It contains almost no nutrients and lots of gluten, thus the dough made with it will rise well and produce soft fluffy baked goods. Additionally, white wheat flour can also be treated with potentially harmful chemicals for bleaching, to once again, achieve the perfect color.

Stone-ground Whole Wheat Flour undergoes minimal processing. Therefore, it retains more nutrients and flavor. However, germ and bran affect the formation of gluten. This means that dough made with this flour will be thicker and firmer and not rise as successfully as white wheat flour's.

In order to use Whole Wheat Flour for bread or any other baked treats, you should let the dough sit to ensure the moisture soaks up thoroughly. If you do not have enough time to let your dough rest before you start your baking process, you can let it rest overnight. Goodies made with Whole Wheat Bread Flour will taste so much better if you let the batter sit long enough. Be patient, and this wonder-flour will thank you with its rich flavor and impressive nutritional value.


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Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture, Light, Oxygen


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